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#Mattscrazy Part Deux

I really want to make this relevant and useful for you, I can only do this by listening to you guys and what you need/want (co-creation at work here people). That means I need your help -  so PLEASE leave a comment on This Page, My Youtube, FB, Twitter etc. To tell me about what [&hellip

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Acing Your Interview: 5 Top Tips

Hi Guys Over the years I’ve employed a lot of people across a range of different companies and in doing so seen allsorts of candidates; how they’ve approached the situation and how the panel has reacted. This experience means that I understand what people are looking for when they interview candidates and I know that [&hellip

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A Change of Pace…

I originally thought I’d open this blog with a quote; something about change, something that would set the tone for what I am about to write. For days I procrastinated and searched the web for inspiration, but no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find anything, which I felt eloquently expressed my emotions so [&hellip

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Mary Bradley

Mary Bradley

A dedicated and passionate enterprise educator who breathes life into his work!

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